Writing Erotica: A Cheap, but Useful Guide

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It can be rough and dirty.  It can be sweet and tender, but also deliciously sexy.  It can be torture, passion, and pain rolled into one.  Erotic fiction opens up the world of human sexuality in a tasteful, literary form.

Contrary to the belief of some, erotica is not the same thing as pornography.  Pornography is geared towards stimulating sexual desire.  While it can also do the same, erotica is more than that; it’s more about the story with the added perk of sexual touch.

Are you interested in writing something erotic?  Here is some advice on getting sticky-sweet with your pen and paper or keyboard.

1) The best place to start is your sexiest fantasies.  Close your eyes and think of all things you want to do with that hot neighbor across the way.  Imagine him hot and sweaty mowing the lawn without his shirt.  What does that inspire in you?  Take those emotions and keep them in mind.

Another way to go is to think of the personalities of the people around you.  Take those personalities, mix and match them, then pit them against each other in typical or atypical sexual situations in my mind.  It’s always entertaining!

2) Set the mood for yourself.  Not necessarily mean light candles, pour yourself a glass of the bubbly, and put on some sensual music though those things would definitely work if that’s what you’re into.  For example, setting the mood could be turning on iTunes and sitting in front of your laptop while wearing pajamas. Create a personal positive atmosphere for sensual writing.

3)  Remember to write what you like and not what you think others will like.  This rule is important for anything you write.  Keep in mind that it’s not about the winning, but, rather, the feeling of accomplishment of coming up with the ideas and fleshing them out into enjoyable fiction.  If you like it, someone else out there will like it, too.

4) If you’re shy about submitting your work to a publisher, try a free site first for feedback.  There are a lot of websites on the internet waiting for your stuff, specifically for the genre.  Members will read your work and give you constructive criticism. An excellent place to start is Literotica.com, a free site filled with various types of erotic fiction. Also, some offer beta-reading to catch any mistakes you may have made.

5)  If you do submit to a publisher, don’t give up hope if you are rejected.  Not every story will fit for every publisher.  Many will say no, but only one has to say yes!

6)  The biggest, most important thing to do in regards to writing erotica is to remember that there is nothing wrong with it.  There will be people who don’t understand or don’t approve.  To hell with them!  If it’s your passion, then go for it.  Always live your dreams with confidence and pride.

With these steps, anyone could begin a long, fulfilling career in the world of erotic writing.  After time and perseverance, you may be the next “big thing.”  All you have to do is give it a try.

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