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Embracing Awesomeosity


I am an idea person. I can come up with all kinds of crazy things, but I fail on delivery. Sometimes, anyway.  I usually need to be inspired to continue on and I’m often discouraged by what I come up

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It’s a Cubed Life: Office Musings 1


While I am a newbie blogger and erotica writing hobbyist at night, by day I am your average cubicle-dweller.  I know: super exciting, right? I’ve been working for a call center at a local hospital for almost seven years now.

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa: An Unwelcomed Bedroom Friend

So, I wanted to talk about an issue that’s near, but not-so-dear to my heart.  It’s not really easy for me to talk about as it has been an embarrassment of mine for most of my life.  The thing is

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Inspiring Inspiration–A Guide to Your Story

thinking 2

Here is one of my old posts about writing inspiration  from the way-back machine.  I’ve always enjoyed the title.  I’m not ashamed to admit it makes me giggle.   Your idea is out there, you just have to find it.

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Under my Blog’s Skirt, Or the Sexiest of WordPress Plugins

There are certain articles of clothing I wear to feel a little extra sexy.  Most of the time, one of my friends threatens to take said clothing (I’m pointing at you, Kit-Kat), which makes me think my tastes are decent.

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Totally Random Thought

The time for making change is right now. Let's have an adventure together!

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This Week’s Writing Goals

Update: I haven't been working on my writing, but now is definitely the time to get to work (as long as I can keep Grey's Anatomy off my TV.
5/1-5/7: Write those 20,000 words for real this time! (Current count=16,399) Not Achieved, thanks to Overwatch.
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