Screw Hot Guys! (Disgruntled Friday)

The Erica is Most Displeased

The Erica is Most Displeased

I wish I could say it’s a happy Friday morning, filled with beautiful Hollywood men to enjoy. Alas, it is not. Why, you ask? Well, I’m in the freaking hospital and I have been since Wednesday.

Let me paint you a story. I had a nice, unsexy abscess on my left ankle that a very nice orthopedic surgeon cut and drained in office.  This, unfortunately, isn’t my first rodeo when it comes having a staph-infection-filled abscess. It’s the first I’ve had in the ankle region, but I’ve had at least 2 or 3 surgeries in the last 3 years for the same thing in other spots.

It does not feel good.

Anyway, I was put on some antibiotics and sent home. I took my meds as asked, came in for a follow up, then had some blood work done.

This is where things start getting annoying.

My blood work kept coming back with high inflammatory markers and high white-blood cell count. I mean, this isn’t all that super surprising as I was fighting off an infection. The problem was the numbers kept going up instead of down. This is even after having a change in antibiotics and everything.

Naturally, my doctor freaked out.

I’m a diabetic (which also has it’s moments of not being fun), so having crazy infection numbers could mean loss of limb. The doctor sent me to the emergency room to get further testing.

Keep in mind, since the beginning the doctor was trying to get me to go into the hospital, right when the whole thing

At least the view is pretty (my camera is cheap, though)

At least the view is pretty (my camera is cheap, though)

started. She got her wish by sending me to the ER, though my understanding was we were to get tests right away to make sure I need to go into the hospital or not. That wasn’t her plan. In her head, she was already sticking me in the place.

After a 7-8 hr wait in the waiting room, which I thought would be reduced since the doctor asked me to come in and she works for said hospital, I was admitted. Ugh.

The concern is a little pesky thing called osteomyelitis. Some what dangerous, I know. You’d think there would be a little hustle in the hospital’s step when something like that is a concern. Yeah, not so much. I was told I would be admitted for some immediate IV antibiotics and in the morning I would see Infectious diseases and have an MRI done.

The antibiotics happened, but nothing else happened in the morning. Morning came and went with nothing from ID and there was no MRI.  I waited and waited and waited. At somewhere around dinner time, one of the nurses told me I would have my MRI somewhere between 6-10 pm.

Well, freaking thanks.

Instead of answers and a possible escape, I was sentenced to another night in the hole. I was pretty livid.

I did get the MRI around 8 last night. No one has told me anything about it. Thanks, guys.

Overnight was the worst of it.  Every couple of minutes, someone came in to harass me with something. This was all while I was half asleep, so I’m not even sure what happened at these impromptu meetings. Not really, anyway. I know none of the docs were ID, so I was pretty annoyed.

Now I’m feeling pretty cross. I’m on little sleep, I have no idea what’s going on and I probably won’t for hours, and I think I’m not allowed to have breakfast because of the slightest chance they may have to do surgery on me. Of course, even yesterday, the orthopedic surgeon said that the CT scan I had while in the ER made it seem like things are on the mend and there is only a little chance of the osteomyelitis.

So, I am more than spent. I know that no one comes to the hospital to get rest (ironically, the thing you need to start getting better), but good lord! Give a girl a break. I didn’t even manage to get a lot of work done on Bought since I’m all annoyed and wound up. *sigh*

No Hot Guys for us today. Instead,  there is only Disgruntled Friday. I’m going to sit here and continue to be pissed off. I hope you’re having a better Friday than I am.

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