Rainy Day Blues

Where did you go, sun?

Where did you go, sun?

It’s a dreary day here in Baltimore. A thick grey coating his hiding the sun. The jacked up roads are moist from recent rain. These things mean only one thing to me:

I can’t fucking walk.

Thanks, Mother Nature…

Maybe I should give a little back story here.  For around about the last year, I’ve been having trouble with my feet. Plantar facsiitis in one foot, super bad tendinitis in the other. These things eventually led to metatarsalgia. That shit is annoying as hell, by the way. It’s like freaking constant pebbles when you walk. I’ve had that in both feet now. Ugh.

Anyway, I’m thinking all the foot problems has led to the issue with my knee. At first it was hot and swollen and unbelievably painful. Eventually some of the swelling went down, if not all of it. It usually isn’t hot to the touch anymore, so that’s great, right? I also have a couple of nice knee braces to help support my weight. Yay. Usually it sucks, but it’s not so bad. Sometimes it’s even manageable, except in one instance:

Rainy weather.

In the past I never really thought the “weather bones” thing was real. I figured it was all in the head of older folks. Nope. Shit’s real and it’s awful. I tried to stand up this morning to head out to my day job and I can’t even freaking stand long enough to shower (it’s going to be a funky Erica day. I HATE funky Erica).

So I am home today. Maybe I’ll get some writing done.  I can’t see my PCP until next week, so not much else to be done other than trying to relax and recuperate, and writing is easy to do from the couch.

Screw you, health. Screw you, rain. I’m out.

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