Quickie 7/23–Toes

This is my very first Quickie. Yes, the very first one I ever wrote.  It started my obsession with the cheap, short flashy fics.  I can’t remember the original name of it. I think it may have simple been “Toes,” which I shall name it now.


toesTera leaned over the table. Her beautiful breasts spilled out of her low-cut top ever-so-slightly. Tony’s eyes immediately focused on the smooth, mocha-colored skin bared before him. He licked his lips, batted his eyes, and forced himself to look at her face.

“Can I have one of those?” she asked him with a sexual purr that had his heart pounding.

His eyes followed the line from her finger to his fries. He frowned at her as he pulled his container closer to him and further from her.

“No,” he answered simply before popping another into his mouth.

She leaned back, crossed her arms, and gave him an very nasty look. He raised his thick brow as he shrugged at her.

“Hey, you’re the health nut. Why would you want one of these delicious, golden, crispy, wonderful fries of mine when you have that salad over there?”

Tony was in for it and he knew it. Tera wouldn’t take this lightly. Teasing her had never been in his best interest, but it never stopped him. Tony was definitely smart, but he wasn’t a genius.

“Asshole,” she snarled.

Her eyelids lowered slightly as her lips curved into possibilities of long, passionate nights. It was a lie. It was always lies and Tony knew it.

He jumped when he felt her bare foot brush his leg. They traveled up it achingly slow, gliding over hairs that stood in reaction. He thought to close his legs when she’d reached his thigh, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. Tony just waited, frozen due to growing excitement.

“It’s such a shame,” she purred.

Tera’s foot continued their path, moving into the inside of his shorts. He adjusted a little, mostly to get away from her probing, but also to partially move the touch along. His manhood felt hot and heavy and eager for her.

Dainty painted toes found their mark. They knowledgeably wrapped around his half-mast erection then gently stroking it. Tony tensed, shoulders hunched and face contorted in tortured pleasure. He grew harder with each caress. His legs spread wider, giving her more room to slide up and down his length. He struggled to remain quiet as a powerful jolt of sensation rushed from his groin through the rest of his body.

She stopped. Just like that, she stopped. Her toes remained around him for a moment while she spoke.

“I could have rocked your world just then, but you had to be a dick.”

He groaned out with frustration, tossing his head back. “You can have a fucking fry!”

She snorted at him as she removed her foot. Tera adjusted herself, giving him her cockiest smile as she wiggled in her seat.

Tony glared at her. “You, evil wench.”

She gave him her best smile as she leaned over to claim her prize. Tera brought it up to her mouth.

“I know I am,” she said smugly. She took a bite of her fry, savoring it. “And that’s why you love me.”

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