Quickie 7/16: He Knew Revenge

vampireHe Knew Revenge

Inspired by Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Evan spent the better part of twenty minutes in bed dazed.  Many times he questioned himself about the events from the night before.  Had it actually happened?  Did he just destroy his life?  What was he going to do now?

He should have known better than to invite Liz in when she showed up at his hotel.  First, he never told him he would be in town for business.  That should have been warning number one.  Instead, he ignored any better judgement and let her in.

The second warning should have been the dress.  Low cut.  Lacy.  Hugging all those exquisite curves without a lick of shame.  Liz was all glitz and glitter and all he could think about was touching her.  Considering the low-lidded gaze she gave him, she felt exactly the same.

But he had to resist.  He had a job to do.  No matter the history between them, he had no choice but to rat her out.  She’d done terrible, terrible things and she had to be stopped.

When Evan told her as much, all she did was smile with those glossy red lips of hers.  Man, he wanted to kiss those lips.  She moved closer to him, took his hand in hers, lifted his wrist to her painted lips.  She kissed him there, gently and full of all kinds of wicked promises.  A shiver ran down his spine as she bit into his flesh.  It wasn’t deep–in fact, it barely hurt at all and didn’t break the skin.  It was only meant to entice.  And entice it did.

Liz led him to the bed, forcing him down on his back.  She climbed above him, settling herself at his waist.  Leaning over, she exposed all the warm roundness of her breasts and deep, dark cleavage.  Evan licked his lips, longing to press his mouth there.

“Like what you see?” she asked him with her husky, sexy drawl.

He pulled his eyes away to focus on hers. They blazed down at him, burning through him only to leave nothing but ashes behind.  He couldn’t move, couldn’t think.  The woman was dangerous and all he could think of is how lovely she felt on him.  How perfectly she fit. How delicious she smelled. How he had to have her one last  time.

Her hands locked around his wrists and she lifted them above his head, forcing his arms into the mattress.  When he tried to free himself, he found he couldn’t.  She was much too strong.

“I was hurt when you called me a monster,” she said.  “I was even more hurt when you left me, never to return.” She leaned, teasing him with a barely-there kiss.  “You were supposed to be with me forever.”

She gave him a real kiss this time.  He thought he might drown in it.  When he could take no more, she lifted her head.  Her breath danced across his skin as she whispered.

“Now…you’ll have no choice.”

It was the last thing he remembered before finding himself in bed alone, fully spent, covered in sweat and blood.  She left him to stew in the reality of what she’d done.  Liz had her revenge for his betrayal.  Soon his life would become hers completely. He’d never leave again.  He’d be her plaything for all of time. And there was nothing he could do about it.

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