The Weekend in which Overwatch Ruined my Productivity

overwatch lucio

Lucio and I have shared some very intimate moments…

I didn’t know Overwatch would be my ruin, but it is. I thought it would be sleeping or eating or the Internet at large. Nope, it’s a video game. Thanks a lot, Blizzard Entertainment. Assholes.

Okay, I’m not being totally fair. Honestly, I also discovered Canada’s Worst Drivers on Youtube, too, and it’s sucking the productivity right out of me. Poof. Gone into the night.


I had planned to write about 4,000 words of Bought. Never got to it at all. I’d be ashamed of myself if it weren’t for the fact that Overwatch is like crack. Delicious, delicious crack. You shouldn’t come down on a crack-head; she has a legit problem and needs help.

And this was only the freaking open beta.

What will become of me when this crap is available to buy?

The thing is, this is not my usual type of game. Most of my gaming days are spent in Fallout 4 or GTA 5, or maybe something old school like (my all time favorite game) Final Fantasy VI. There was a point that Team Fortress 2 was my jam, but that was out of the norm for me.

By the way, my favorite Overwatch character bellows out “that’s my jam!” when you use one of his abilities. How could I not be into it? overwatch logo

Overwatch Addict in the Making

The thing is, I kind of hate on-line play. It makes me nervous. It doesn’t help that my Xbox One gamertag is BlackBaroness–a very obviously female name. You get harassed if you’re a girl (sometimes), so it make me feel like “my kind” isn’t wanted and I really don’t like that feeling. I might be imagining it. More importantly, I hope I’m just imagining it.

Despite my fears, Overwatch is a blast to play. Here is my personal list of three as to why:

  1. Though there are a lot of characters to choose from, and each is surprisingly unique,  the controls are super easy to learn. Plus, it’s legitimately fun!
  2. Each character has customization you can either earn from leveling up or purchase with coins (that are also earned by leveling up). It makes me wonder if micro-transactions are coming, but since they don’t actually effect gameplay, just look, I’m not bothered by that.
  3. The game is pretty to look at. I know that might be a lame thing to say, but maybe I’m a little vain about my video games.

That’s my short list, anyway. I’ll admit to having a crazy amount of fun with the game and I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad the beta ends tomorrow. I mean, I’ll finally get some stuff done, but I’ll have nothing to blow up. Life can be so cruel.

Don’t take my word for it. You have one more day to get into it until the actual release later this month. In the meantime, I found an awesome video about my boy Lucio, aka the best character in the game.

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