Who Knew a Toilet that can Flush is Magical? (aka My Maine Adventure)

My hubby and I went up to Maine to visit his family last week. We just got back yesterday afternoon.

What a lovely view to wake up to in the morning

What a lovely view to wake up to in the morning

It was a good time.  Maine is a very pretty place. We stayed on North Pond near Mercer (I think) in a camp down the way from Nate’s Grandma’s house.  The camp was okay.  It was a decent enough place to sleep in, but it didn’t have a working toilet.  You could tinkle there, but if you had to do your “other” business, you were shit out of luck. Literally.

The place was a little dated. Every wall was wood paneling. I hate wood paneling. Luckily it wasn’t a permanent arrangement or else I would have lost my mind from it.  But, it was cozy and clean. We had to take our business over to Nate’s Grandma’s place, which wouldn’t have been so bad except for the swamp-like condition of the lawn.  Somehow I managed to not fall a single time!

The whole area was a time warp, though. No TV. No Wifi. You had to actually talk to people.  Social media in person is kind of weird. There’s no way to “like” things or “retweet” them.  I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.

I got to meet a lot of people I’ve never met, which was great. Nate has a much bigger family than I do. At times, it’s a little overwhelming.  This was even more daunting now that I’ve found out his family is one of the biggest in Maine.  Everyone was pretty awesome, though. And now I see where my hubby gets his zesty sense of humor from.  It was pretty awesome.

I know what you’re thinking: Erica, pics or it didn’t happen. And shut up, you’re talking too much.  Well, maybe you’re right.  So, without further adieu, here are some random shots from me and the hubby on our whirlwind vacation.




I’ve never seen a gas pump like this in person. Especially not one at a big chain gas station.  It blew my mind.

So did the price of gas.  Seriously!












This is the stove from our camp. I’ve never seen anything like this before. It perplexed me.  Also, the kitchen had carpet.  Anyone else find that odd?








Another glorious view from our flashback camp.








These orange beauties were spotted at the family reunion. No one knows what kind of mushrooms they are or if they’re edible. All we do know is that they’re stunning. The picture doesn’t do them justice.  They’re much more vibrantly orange in person.







I consider this my artistic piece. It’s my hubby and his dad on Grandma Beale’s deck.  The house is being sold, so this is the last time they’ll be out there together.




And now for some totally random Erica-with-Creatures pics.  Only the Lobster got fresh with me.

me and the ducksme and the lobsterme and the moose


So I had a great time, but I’m very happy to be home where I can take a dump anytime I’d like.  I’ve never appreciated being on city water more than I do after a week in rural Maine.  God bless that fluoride flavor.

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