La Orden, Chapter 3

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She cried out, head thrown back as feel of the man flooded her.  Her body soaked with a feverish perspiration, the thin sheet covering her stuck to her skin.  Shaking, she opened her eyes as she clutched the cloth at her chest.

“You’re finally awake!” a friendly voice exclaimed, happiness oozing from it.

Cara jumped, angry at the sudden intrusion.  With her fists balled and ready for a fight, she focused on the person standing opposite her as well as assessed the room.

This wasn’t the place she was in last.  No fireplace or over-sized bed or the scent of wonderful male musk. It was much smaller than the elaborate room she remembered.  It was so very plain; just the barest essentials for living.  A dresser, a twin bed, a chair by a small window.  Pristine whiteness covered the walls–so much so the sunlight pouring in from the window nearly blinded her eyes.

The woman herself was dressed rather plain and nondescript, but her face was memorable.  She had honey colored hair, neatly tied behind her round, red face.  It wasn’t a blush, but a natural rosiness that generally annoyed Cara. Her brown eyes were bigger than most, framed in long honey lashes.

“Who the Hell are you?” Cara demanded her voice raw and cracking as she spoke.

The young woman’s eyes widened with shock and embarrassment.  She covered her mouth with her right hand as her head turned downward slightly.

“I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Cara raised a brow, pursing her lips as she watched the girl become completely sheepish.  Deciding that the woman wasn’t a threat, Cara let down her guard enough to sound cool.

“No problem,” she responded sounding much calmer.  “It doesn’t matter.” She looked away to let the girl collect herself.  “Anyway, I’m Cara.  What’s your name?”

“Kitty, but people usually call me ‘Kat.’”

When Cara figured it would be okay to look and not fluster Kat, she found her scratching her chin thoughtfully.

“Well,” Kitty continued, “most people don’t call me that here, but back home, that’s what they used to call me.”

“Where is here?”

“Oh, this is St. Pious.  It’s a convent.  Not that most people call these places a ‘convent’ anymore, but that’s what it amounts to.”

Cara’s mouth gaped open.  A convent?  How the fuck did she end up in a convent of all places?  She and religion never got along, yet somehow. . .

“Oh Hell!” she grumped.  “How long have I been here?”

Kat gave her a small smile and headed to the chair, readying to tell the tale.  Cara rested her head on the headboard of the tiny bed, eyes turned to the ceiling.  Slowly, she shook her head, finding herself more annoyed as moments passed.

“A few hours.  We found you on the doorstep last night.  It was pretty weird, too.  There were strange animal sounds and scratching on the door in the foyer.  When we finally opened the door, there you were, slumped against the wall with this horrible cut on your neck like something tried to take a bite out of you.”

Cara licked her suddenly dry lips with the tip of her tongue as the memory of searing pain flashed back to her.  Taking a deep breath, she reached up to the place on her neck where the man bit into her.  Along the torn flesh was what she figured was a bandage covered her skin.  She gently rubbed the patch and a shudder of excitement went through her.

“We figured that something must have gotten you while you were out there.  So we brought you inside and began patching you up, then we let you get some rest.”

“And you guys didn’t think to, you know, call the cops or anything?”

“Not really, no.  We take care of all kinds out here, so. . .” She left the statement to hang in the air.

Cara slowly turned her face toward the plump young woman who returned a sheepish smile.  She took a deep breath then heavily exhaled.

“Was I alone?” she croaked softly.

“Yes,” Kat answered.  She leaned in very seriously, face frowned.  “It’s dangerous out there, you know.  You’re lucky nothing worse happened to you.”

Cara resisted the urge to flip her off.  After all, it wouldn’t do well to get on God’s bad side in his house.

“Yeah.  Lucky,” Cara responded with a barely hidden snap.  The girl didn’t seem to notice, or if she had, didn’t care.

“Do you remember anything at all about what happened?”

“No,” Cara truthfully lied.  She remembered the incredible sex with an unknown man, but beyond that, there was a huge blank. “Not really,” she decided to correct. “I was wandering around this small town—I think it’s called ”

“That’s about fifteen miles from here.”

“Oh,” Cara whispered, “well, then I woke up here. So here I am.”

“That’s so weird.  No one really knows about this place, I’m surprised someone thought to bring you out here.  Well, it’s a good thing you’re here,” Kat chirped with a grin.  She slapped her knees then stood.  “Father Marcus and our Mother Superior will be thrilled to know that you’re okay.  They prayed over you while you were asleep.”

“Lovely,” she didn’t bother trying to hide the sarcasm in her voice.

Kat’s eyes narrowed as she suddenly bent over to grab Cara’s hand.  She resisted the urge to pull away.  Of course, the young woman had a grip of a man ten times her size.

“It’s going to be, fine, Cara.  We’re going to get you back on your feet in no time.”

Quickly, Kat released Cara’s hand and stepped away from the bed.  With a brisk step, she moved to the large oak door on the other side of the room.  Before she opened it, she turned back to Cara.

“I’ll bring you up something to eat.”

With that, the girl left Cara to her own thoughts.  Thoughts that had her shivering yet had her skin ablaze with the remnants of passion.  She wrapped her arms around her body tightly as the enormity of the situation swamped her brain.  Sex with a strange man who dumped her in the middle of nowhere, to a barely heard of convent no less as a further slap in the face.  And what of those monsters that had attacked the night before?

She growled slightly, anger brewing in her deep in her chest.  He may have saved her life, but that didn’t excuse him leaving her like this without so much as a name.  If she ever found him–and she surely would try–he was going to pay.

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