La Orden, Chapter 2

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She woke to the smell of fresh, clean sheets and the feel of cool linen wrapped around her body. Cara, still wobbly from her attack, sat up slowly on her elbows as her eyes adjusted to the dark room.

The man with the crystal-blue eyes was just beyond the foot of the bed, stoking the fire place there. When he noticed that she’d awakened, he stood. Cara squinted to get a better look at him, but with only the flickering orange light of the fire, she could only make out the hint of a muscular torso.

Neither spoke. For the first time in Cara’s life, she had nothing to say, not even a snarky remark. It made her nervous; she felt exposed and utterly vulnerable. Plus, she was so overwhelmed by the night’s events. . .In fact, if the man hadn’t been there, she would have thought it all a dream.

Her pulse quickened at the prospects of it all being in her mind and at the turn it could very well be taking.

The man placed his hands on the edge of the bed, smoothing them across the white cloth. Cara found herself clutching her own end of the sheet and pulling it to her body protectively. It was in that moment that she realized that beneath that thin material, she had nothing else to cover her.

Still the large man said nothing. Leisurely and sensually, he moved onto the bed and began crawling towards her. Cara gasped, partially out of fear, but she couldn’t deny the excitement and eagerness welling within. Still, she pulled the sheet closer to her body as he continued his path.

Soon, he hung above her as she sunk into her pillow with eyes wide. His eyes traveled around her pointed face before finding her own. She swallowed hard under his scrutiny, but not to be outdone, she did the same. With him this close, she was able to see him fully.

He was beautiful. More beautiful than a man should ever be. Yet, he was so very distinctly male. How was it possible to be beautiful and rugged all at once, she wondered.

The man raised a brow at her as a cocky smile pulled at his lips. He knew that she found him attractive. Cara’s face flushed from embarrassment and a hint of annoyance.

He ignored the blush, favoring her hands clutching the sheet instead. His own hand moved to the edge of it, tracing it with one finger. With that single finger, he pried the material from her hand and began pulling it down her body which now trembled with anticipation. He stopped the moment her breasts were exposed. Using one of his large hands he took a mound of flesh into his hand. She always considered herself to be under average, but she fit perfectly inside of his palm.

The hand squeezed and teased her, bringing her nipple to a point beneath his calloused palm. The sensation was overwhelmingly delicious. She moaned out softly, arching her back for him. He chuckled at her, a deep, rich sound that stole her breath for a moment.

“Hungry?” he asked.

His voice was as sensual as his chuckle, with an accent she found to be from everywhere and nowhere all at once. Completely indistinguishable and sexy beyond words.

Before she could answer him, his mouth found hers, gently coaxing her to open. She obliged and was rewarded with his tongue slipping between her parted lips. Eagerly, she took him in, savoring the feel of the heat of his mouth. Her tongue danced with his, making her groan with delight. And though it felt as though he were trying to devour her, the man was still oh-so-gentle. Removing his hand from her breast, he touched her face, fingers slid across her face tracing her jaw with his forefinger. Cara’s breath caught. No one had ever treated her like this before. Everyone gave it rough and dirty, but this guy. . .this guy whoever he was made her feel precious.

Despite the fact that he was easily seducing her without even giving a name. . .

That realization sobered her somewhat. Granted, she’d always been a wanton sort of woman, but she’d at least always known the guy’s name before in the past. As she looked into those beautiful eyes, she had a very hard time caring. It frightened her.

“What are you?”

She’d meant to say “who,” but considering the overwhelming calm rushing through her, drowning out tempting concerns, she had to wonder what kind of spell he’d woven over her. Even the thought didn’t terrify her which distantly she recognized as a bad sign.

He smiled and it was darkly cocky and all too knowing.

“Just your average ‘bump in the night,’” he told her.

It was good enough for her. She let out a slow, calm breath as his face lowered to hers. The kisses were teasing and coaxing. His silent requests for entry were granted—her mouth opening enough for his tongue to slip within her parted lips. It danced around the depths of her, feasting on what she had to offer. And she more than eagerly offered herself with a long, excited groan.

He shifted until his body rested fully on hers and his hips thrust between her splayed legs. She gasped at the feel of him hard and ready for her. Cara grounded her body into his, his stiffness rubbing places that sent her into delicious spasms from head to toe.

“So eager,” he laughed, “I promise I live up to it.”

He buried his face against her neck and tenderly suckled the skin there. Slowly, gently, and in perfectly timed circles, he brushed the inside of her until convulsions wracked her body. Moments before she let the the waves of pleasure drown her into orgasm, she felt a sharp stab in her neck that had her screaming in ecstasy and pain.

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