Inspiring Inspiration–A Guide to Your Story

Here is one of my old posts about writing inspiration  from the way-back machine.  I’ve always enjoyed the title.  I’m not ashamed to admit it makes me giggle.


thinkingYour idea is out there, you just have to find it.

But how, you ask?  Well, inspiration can come from just about anything, you just have to learn how to harvest it!

Here are the ways I pull ideas out of a couple of common sources.

1. Music – Every song tells a story, even pieces without words. All you have to do is close your eyes and visualize what the song is trying to tell you. Even better, find a music type that fits the mood of the project you’re working on and turn it into a music video that fits that story. A good place for mood music is Magnatune. They have an entire listing of moods to draw from (I find myself listening to the seductive/sultry mood myself…it’s outstanding for erotic/romantic fiction)

2. Movies/TV/Books – TV is good for more than just potatoes of the couch variety. A lot of times, a good television program can help you put your own story in motion. Something is out there that is similar to what you want to write, reading it or watching it can help you figure out what you want to do with your own story. Also, it will give you an idea of what you don’t like or think doesn’t make sense so that you can fix it in your work. Just be careful; plagiarism is not cool. Yes, there are no original ideas anymore, but stealing someone else’s stuff is bad mojo and you’ll get caught. There are a lot of good places for free fiction on the interwebs.  For naughty stuff, check out Literotica (you may even spot some of my stuff there). is excellent for all your fanboy and fangirl fiction needs.  For original fiction, check out Fictionpress, which is toting over 1 million original works available for reading, free!

3. Your Family and Friends – What better way is there to come up with characters than those that already surround you? Almost all my stories have an aspect of a real person in my life. Those crazy things they do and get themselves into can be a lot of fun to use in a story.

4. Drugs – Um…yeah, don’t do drugs. They’re bad for you.  You know, except the ones that are prescribed by your physician…Only use them as directed, though.

5. Dreams – Crazy, wacky, scary, sexy, fun–dreams can be so many things. Though they tend to not make any sense whatsoever, it makes good fodder for world creation in fantasy fiction. Just remember to write a bit of them down in the morning or you’ll probably lose them all together! Fantasies are also another excellent source. Come up with a very basic scenario and just let your mind run wild with it without forcing it. Hey, you do it during your “alone time,” right? Put it to good use (or. . .more good use, might be correct). By the way, if you want to know more about what that creepy-yet-awesome dream means, Brilliant Dreams has an excellent free dictionary to look up common dream symbols to piece it all together.

There you have it, my main sources of inspiration.

If you just relax and let everything fall into place naturally, you’ll definitely come up with some great ideas.

It may take time, but they will definitely come. Just don’t forget to use them!


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