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The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth (Cindy Morgan)

I am still more or less in the research phase of becoming a Virtual Assistant (hey, don’t judge; there’s a lot to learn). I’ve been really focused on my niche, because I’m interested in helping those in the same niche as mine. I worry that will come off as a little clique-y, but honestly it makes the most sense to me.

So, I guess I’d say the best area I fall into is “Geek.” It’s a wonderful thing to be a geek in this day and age, so I’m extremely happy to admit what I am.

The problem is, when I looked up “geek” blogs, you know to get an idea on what I can do to help people who fall into this category, everyone falls into a particular area. Comic geeks. Movie geeks. And it the list gets so extremely specific, I was shocked I didn’t see a screwdriver geek blog out there. Okay, I didn’t look for it, so it might exist for all  I know.

Is there no such thing as the “well-rounded” geek? I feel that’s more what I am. I love all kinds of things. Will my plight not work out simply because I’m not an “expert” in a certain aspect of geek society?

Looks like this is another piece of the puzzle I’ll need to work out in the long run. I’m sure I can make my multiple passions form a very rewarding base for what I’m working on.

If you’re waving your g-flag high, tell me what you’re into. I’m always into learning new things about the culture.


If you’re a geek blogger and looking for some help with the behind-the-scenes aspects, take a look at my Virtual Assistant blog. I’d be happy to help you out.

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