Hot Guy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! You know what that means?

It’s Hot Guy Friday!

I’ve decided to think a little outside the box this week. As I’m sure everyone knows, today is opening day for Captain America Civil War. I’m not sure when I’m going to go see it (opening day is so packed with people), but that doesn’t stop a girl from choosing a side. For me, that side had the prettier people. Therefore, I am totally….


Team Cap, Hot Guy Friday edition

I didn’t want to spoil myself too much, so I’ve resisted the urge to look more into the Civil War story line, movie or comic. I do have a little background on it–enough to know that I’m fundamentally Team Cap, too. It’s not all about the pretty people.

Just mostly.

Besides, Captain America has Ant Man on his side. Paul Rudd is freaking adorable, so of course I’m going to choose the side he’s on!


Paul Rudd, Hot Guy Friday

How could you say no to this face??? I totally got this pic from Popsugar, btw. Tons of Rudd there.

And I wouldn’t kick Chris Evans‘ Cap or Sebastian Stan‘s Winter Soldier out of bed, either. I mean, seriously. If I were in the Marvel Universe, I would be in a lot of trouble. I’d probably have a few restraining orders out on me. Especially from Thor.

….Hmm, what would my power be? Perversion? The deep appreciation of attractive people? Ooooh, I could be The Connoisseur (of Hot People).

Wait, I just pictured myself in leather and/or spandex. That’s definitely a no-go. Oh, ye Gods.

Moving on from that image…

Anywho, yes, I am definitely a Team Cap kind of girl. Honestly, how could a girl resist? You can’t dangle that much hotness in front of me and not expect me to drool. I’m not too proud to admit it!

Happy Hot Guy hunting! May your Hot Guy Friday be blessed, my friends.

Oh, and if you need more Paul Rudd action, check this out. It really amused me.

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