Hot Guy Friday!

So, I missed out on last Friday since I was holed up in Maine.  But I’m back now and ready to divulge in one of my favorite pastimes: Hot Guy Ogling.

Here’s this week’s roster of hotness.

Liam Hemsworth (Sweet Hot Thor’s Sweet Hot Baby Brother)

lhSure the may be over a decade younger than I am, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look and drool.  And I do without much shame.

Between him and his super hot brother Chris, I’m starting to think you pronounce their last name as the sound panties make when the hit the floor.  Hell, Liam may be the only reason I’d consider seeing Paranoia. Okay, I also love Harrison Ford and Gary Oldmen to pieces. Liam would be significant eye-candy I think I’d need, though.

And even if I don’t see that particularly movie, in a few months Catching Fire will be out giving me all the sexy I need.

In other news, wtf do you mean they’ve split Mockingjay into 2 movies. Oh, COME ON! *kicks something*


Sung Kang

hkNow, I fully admit to having a full love-on for the Fast & Furious series.  Hot guys. Fast cars. Half-dressed hoochies dancing around the fast cars. What else can a girl ask for?

I also admit to wishing Paul Walker would take off his shirt more often, but he’s not who I find the most dreamy in the Fast group.  I’m all about Han, who is easily my favorite character from the series. It helps that the actor portraying him is a hottie.

Sadly there aren’t many other films with Sung Kang in them right now,  I’m on the lookout. Oh yes, I am.

Matt Damon

mdSome things do get better with age.  Back in his Good Will Hunting days, I had to give him a weak “meh.” Like a fine wine or stinky, expensive cheese, Matt Damon wound up becoming super delicious once he got a few years on him.  Elysium already seemed interesting from the trailers, but having Damon in the lead, it’s a guaranteed see in the theater (The FULL PRICE theaters, even!).

Bonus: Who can forget this classic gem from Jimmy Kimmel?


And that, my friends,  is the list for this week.  It’s small, but effective.

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