Hey, Girl, What’s Up? (An Update)

An Update is in Order

Update time (loooong overdue)! Ihotstufft’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Honestly, having been sick and hospitalized kind of made me lose my mojo. Unfortunately, I’m still sick (with the same problem even). Luckily, and for some unknown reason, I’m feeling the urge to write again. This is a great thing.  I’ve missed it.

So what have I been up to?

Well, I’m home sick on leave with another dreaded PICC line. Nothing like giving yourself IV antibiotics three times a day. The timing of it has seriously thrown off my sleep schedule, so I spend most days feeling pretty exhausted.  I seriously hope the docs have figured out exactly what’s going on so I don’t have to live a life of pain. It hasn’t gotten down to less than a 4 on a 0-10 pain scale. Damn it.

I figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I’m currently researching the feasibility of becoming a Virtual newlogobanner1Assistant. I’ve even have my own site up-and-running.  I’m going to take general clients for now, but my heart tells me I really want to help out fellow writers. Self promotion is hard. Having someone else’s work to promote feels more natural to me. I’m optimistic this can really work for me, and more importantly, make me happy.

Since losing my mojo, I haven’t been working on any of my novels, but I’ve totally got the itch. Bought is suddenly speaking to me, again. It doesn’t help that a Facebook memory reminded me that I’ve been working on the book for over a decade. That’s saying something.

Other than those things, life has been pretty normal, I’d say. I have been butt-deep into Grey’s Anatomy. They keep killing off my favorite characters, so I’m not sure I’m going to make it through all 11 seasons available to binge.

If I have some time, I’m going to do a Hot Guy Friday later today. Since I’m stuck on the couch, I’m sure I will have it! I miss my hot guys…

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Update: I haven't been working on my writing, but now is definitely the time to get to work (as long as I can keep Grey's Anatomy off my TV.
5/1-5/7: Write those 20,000 words for real this time! (Current count=16,399) Not Achieved, thanks to Overwatch.
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