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writerI found this old article I wrote a loooooong time ago while poking around the PC.  I totally forgot about it, so it was new to me. It actually made me LOL. Maybe that’s the sign of a good article?  Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

There are a lot of blogs/websites devoted to helping people with grammar. This is my take on the common errors and with some (hopefully!) insightful and memorable examples–E.D.B. style, aka dirty (I can’t help it; I’m known to write erotic fiction…) >:D.



The Triple T’s: To, Too, and Two

These dirty bastards have been giving people troubles for a long time.

1.To: While it has a couple of other uses, it often goes along with “heading somewhere.”
Ex: Let’s go to the store so we can buy a dirty movie.

2. Too: Its used to say “also” or to indicate “very” or “excessive.”
Ex: Your sister can join us, too.
Oh, my God, honey, it’s too big to go there!

3. Two: It’s the number.
Ex: Sure, I’ve taken on two men at once before. It was awesome!

The Difference in “Its”

Personally, I think these two are easy to mistake.

It’s: This one is the contraction for “it is.”
Ex: It’s so hard!

Its: This one is a possessive pronoun like yours, his, hers, etc.
Ex: I found one of my tassels, but I can’t find its twin.

Affect vs. Effect

This is another one of those butt-kickers.

Affect: This one is to have an influence on.
Ex: Baby, you know how sexy black dress affects me. I won’t be able to concentrate!

Effect: Usually you’ll see this one as a result of something.
Ex: The Viagra had a positive effect on my husband’s libido.

Your and his cousin, You’re

Well, maybe they’re more like step-siblings…

Your: It’s one of those pesky possessive pronouns (ooh, baby, alliteration!)
Ex: I love how your body feels against mine.

You’re: It’s the contraction for “you are.”
Ex: You’re the only one that I need.

Taking it Further/Farther

This is one that took me a long time to realize, personally.

Further: When it comes to amount of time, you use this one. It’s also used for “additionally” and “degree of.”
Ex: Dude is hot, but I’ll need further information before I bang him.

Farther: This one refers to distance.
Ex: Your house is farther away than mine so let’s just go to mine because I can’t wait.

Well Good!

You’d think they’d be interchangeable. Who would have thought that they were completely different?!

Well: This one is normally an adverb for description. As an adjective, well means “healthy.”
Ex: (Adverb) Oh, baby, you know my body so well. *tremble with pleasure*

(Adjective) After that romp in the sack last night, you’re looking well.

Good: Good is an adjective.
Ex: You taste good. >:D

Ugh…Lay vs. Lie

These are the worst of the worst, mostly because of their tenses.

Lay: This means to put something down. More importantly, it has to be done to something else.
Ex: Lay your hands on my body.

Lie: This means to recline.
Ex: Lie on the bed with me so I can hold you.

Now, why are these so evil? Well, the past tense of lay is “laid,” while the past of lie is “lay.” Now we know why people from other countries think English is hard to master…Ugh…

So, “Lay your hands on my body” would become “You laid your hands on my body.” “Lie on the bed with me so I can hold you” becomes “Last night, you lay in bed with me so I could hold you.”

There are more words out there that are so similar yet so completely different. With any luck, these will not be among them for you any longer!

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