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Bought on Facebook


It was only a matter of time before this happened. Follow Bought on Facebook.  Sure you can get updates right here, but no reason you can’t enjoy them without the perks of using Facebook. Let’s face it, you’re on there

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An Introduction to Bought


Here is the introduction video of my novel, Bought. It’s a work in progress! Learn about the world of Bought as well as its main characters.

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Bought Trailer


This is the trailer for my novel, Bought. Enjoy

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Bought in the Making


I am working hard on Bought. I’m surprised how much work I’m putting into it. More importantly, I’m having such a great time. I doubt it’s going to be picked up on Inkshares, but I’m not going to let that

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The Rehash


Why in the hell did I stop writing “La Orden?” I accidentally clicked on the link for one of the chapters this afternoon. It was good. Like really good. And I just couldn’t believe I was the one who wrote

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I’m Not Too Old for this S**t?


I haven’t blogged since February?! What have I been doing with myself? A whole lot of nothing (and that’s the truth). Maybe that’s why I’ve been in a general funk for weeks.  All I do is work, come home, sleep,

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Other Bright Ideas

I’m still working out exactly what I want to do with my “challenge” with a friend of mine.  At first I started thinking of this super involved story. It’s a good story. At least it is to me, anyway. But

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The Cluttered Cupboards of My Computer

I am always rediscovering old stories I started on my computer. Always. Some of them start off really strongly, but I give up on them pretty quickly. That’s a shame, too, because as I reread my writing I find myself

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A Geeky Bit of Writing I found on the Laptop

s and u

I’m on a coach bus on the way up to Augusta, Maine. Luckily, the bus has the Wifi on it. Otherwise, I might have been stuck watching Cool Runnings. I haven’t actually seen the movie before, so it might not

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Poking the Bear and Other Bright Ideas


I’m not sure what drove me to do this, but I wound up looking into one of my old stories, Awakening, on the interwebs.  I did a quick Google search, not expecting to find anything. I wrote the story a

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Totally Random Thought

The time for making change is right now. Let's have an adventure together!

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Original Webnovel "La Orden." Suspended pending the completion of Bought

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This Week’s Writing Goals

Update: I haven't been working on my writing, but now is definitely the time to get to work (as long as I can keep Grey's Anatomy off my TV.
5/1-5/7: Write those 20,000 words for real this time! (Current count=16,399) Not Achieved, thanks to Overwatch.
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