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Hey, Girl, What’s Up? (An Update)


An Update is in Order Update time (loooong overdue)! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Honestly, having been sick and hospitalized kind of made me lose my mojo. Unfortunately, I’m still sick (with the same problem even). Luckily,

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It’s a Cubed Life–Office Musings 5


  I have been out of office for about 3 weeks now due to illness.  I feel bad about leaving my coworkers in a lurch. After all, we’ve been pretty short staffed in our office for some time now, so

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Embracing Awesomeosity


I am an idea person. I can come up with all kinds of crazy things, but I fail on delivery. Sometimes, anyway.  I usually need to be inspired to continue on and I’m often discouraged by what I come up

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Behold: Das Space Boot!


My PCP worked some sort of dark magic and got me in with a foot specialist, today. He called me at 10:30 AM, very irritated that I couldn’t get in anywhere before 9/8, so he said he’d make some calls.

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It’s a Cubed Life, Office Musings 4


So, I’m back in the office after being out on medical leave. Over one full month of no phones, no schedule, and limited bra usage. It’s hard to come back to. Especially the whole having to wear a bra thing.

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That’s One Dirty Mind or How I Became an Erotica Hobbyist


I’m sitting in my living room while listening to the 10 Hr Seamless edit of Intro by The XX and found myself getting into a groove.  Right now I’m working on a parts of La Orden as well as a short

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Bullying Bullies or Bullies Bullying? Or How JC Penney’s Brought out the Worst in Some

school yard

Well, it looks like JC Penney is getting a bad rep for an ad they recently had to pull.  Basically, the ad says you need to buy new clothes in order to not have a bad school year. I have

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Who Knew a Toilet that can Flush is Magical? (aka My Maine Adventure)

My hubby and I went up to Maine to visit his family last week. We just got back yesterday afternoon. It was a good time.  Maine is a very pretty place. We stayed on North Pond near Mercer (I think)

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It’s a Cubed Life: Office Musings 2

Super short post alert! Today was my last day of work for six days.  I seriously need the downtime! I take a lot of phone calls during the day.  I wish I could say this is an exaggeration, but it’s

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The Thing Has a Name and Here’s Why!

I won't say I had this coming...but I kind of did...

I have been wracking/racking my brain all day to come up with some profound post.  I was on the cusp of something good, but I’m all fried out thanks to work.  Instead, I decided to go a different route. How

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Totally Random Thought

The time for making change is right now. Let's have an adventure together!

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