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The Weekend in which Overwatch Ruined my Productivity

Overwatch Title

I didn’t know Overwatch would be my ruin, but it is. I thought it would be sleeping or eating or the Internet at large. Nope, it’s a video game. Thanks a lot, Blizzard Entertainment. Assholes. Okay, I’m not being totally

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Oblivion Not Oblivious to my Needs

oblivion poster

I think I’m going to start a new series of posts called “What I Watched on Sunday.” Usually it’s the only day of the week I get to really sit down to watch a flick, whether something new for me,

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The Magic of Love (Movie Style)

ffmc movie poster

So, I’m still pretty laid up thanks to my left leg. First it was the knee, now I have this very unsexy lump near my ankle. I can’t walk or put on shoes. Let me tell you, that has been

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Reading Rainbow + Star Trek = Happy Geeking

I’ll admit to a having a little geekgasm when I saw this on Nerd Approved. Reading Rainbow and Star Trek? Omg, yes. Thank you, Universe, for this thing of beauty! I wish I had the money to see this live!

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Speaking of Hot Guy Friday….

This has to be the best thing Wil Wheaton has ever reblogged on Tumblr. Though, I think I need to get the word out there: SWEET HOT THOR IS MINE! NO ONE CAN HAVE HIM. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?!?!!!?!  

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The Lady is a Geek. Live it. LOVE IT!

httpv:// I am a geek. I have boobs. They are very nice boobs. Because I have said boobs doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy geekery. I love all things Star Trek.  I am mad about Doctor Who. I play video games

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Return of the Dark Crystal


One of the first movies to ever really take hold of my hard is The Dark Crystal.  I remember whenever it came on television, I would get super excited. I had to watch it.  Every time I did, I fell

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Always a Little Late to The Party, Television Style


There is one thing about me that I just don’t understand:  I always (ALWAYS) resist new television shows.  People will say “Erica, you should watch this. It’s right up your alley!” Usually I’ll just go “meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh” and put it on

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Under my Blog’s Skirt, Or the Sexiest of WordPress Plugins

There are certain articles of clothing I wear to feel a little extra sexy.  Most of the time, one of my friends threatens to take said clothing (I’m pointing at you, Kit-Kat), which makes me think my tastes are decent.

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I Survived Sharknado (Barely….)

Well, I somehow managed to survive Sharknado. I think. This could actually be Hell or Purgatory having watched that movie. I’m not really sure. I’m not actually a fan of watching super bad movies for the heck of it, but

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