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I’m still working out exactly what I want to do with my “challenge” with a friend of mine.  At first I started thinking of this super involved story. It’s a good story. At least it is to me, anyway. But I think I’m kind of missing the point of what he and I are trying to do.

This has been on my mind the last couple of nights amid other stray thoughts. Usually, I try to write one of my novels in my head as a way of falling asleep.  It doesn’t always work and it really sucks that I can’t actually jot down my ideas in the dark. I mean, I could, but my handwriting is already crappy. I can’t imagine how bad it would be if I were “blind.”

Last night a brand new idea popped into my head. Something sweet and simple with lots of potential to get a little naughty. It would definitely be a much better story to write in the time we’re given. Hey, seven months is a short amount of time to a procrastinator like me.

The only thing is, I’m kind of out of my element with this story. No sci-fi, no dark fantasy…Just a run of the mills trashy romance story. I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to keep myself interested.  I’m not going to let that stop me from trying, though.

Anyway, I think I’m going to come up with Chapter 1 sometime this weekend. Most likely I’ll be posting it here if I do.  I’m going to keep telling myself that this could be delightfully easy so maybe I can stay motivated.  I’m even thinking of making some sort of personal challenge to myself. Something really good. I’m just not sure what, though. . .

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