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Sweet Angel EricaWho Am I?

You know, it’s kind of hard to talk about yourself and make yourself sound interesting, so I’m really tempted to make some crap up. So I will!

My name is E.D.Beale, Esquire, heir to the Beale Fortune.  Yes, I shall acquire the wealth of my husband’s family, which was earned through a previously unheard of boy band named   Heart<3String  .  How did they attain their wealth without anyone having heard of the group?  Good question…it seems I’ve lied myself into a corner.  Damn!

As you can see, I’m a little weird.  In fact, one of my coworkers even called me strange the other day when I left the bathroom.  I know  that would upset most people, but the truth is, I am strange.  But I’m also fun, nice, geeky, interesting, slightly pervy, and awesome.  In other words, Erica is good people. Trust me, you’ll like her if you give her a chance.

(Update: she might not be too smart. Until one of her friends became a lawyer, she didn’t know that Esquire was a real thing. WTG!)

More importantly, I am a writer at heart. While I am a office worker by day, I am also an erotica writing hobbyist.  I tried doing it for the money before, but I realize that’s not really important to me. I’m not out for fame and fortune, though, much like Sweet Hot Thor, I wouldn’t kick them out of bed.  Really, I’m doing it as a soothing balm on my day-to-day life. It’s fun. I figure by blogging, I’ll grow as a writer and (more importantly) I will keep going.


What am I doing here?   sdk

Well, I’m blogging.  I think.

I like to think life is filled with a lot of stories.  Like any good book, stories deserve to be shared.  I’m not saying I get around a lot, but usually when I do go somewhere, I tend to have a good time. And since everyone I know tells of my exploits, I figure I should just go ahead and beat them to the punch.  That’ll show them.

If you’re question is in regards to the pic, yes, I’m nibbling on a can of Heinz Spotted Dick.  My friends bought it for me because they’re super thoughtful.  Yes, things like that are what you’re going to find in this blog.  Seriously, crazy stuff like this happens all the time.  I have very little shame.  After accidentally dipping your boob into shrimp bisque at the local diner, very little will make you flustered.

…That’s another story for another day, though.


 Why you should totally read this blog

 (no, it’s not a question)

I guess I could be cheeky and respond with “why not?!”  But I’m not going to.

The real reason is that I want to entertain you and I want you to be a part of my life, whoever you are.  I want us to have a good time together.  I am my own brand of crazy, after all.  One should definitely share the wealth.

More specifically, you’ll find all kinds of fun stuff here.  Here are a few things you may see around the blog:

1. Borderline humiliating stories from my life

2. Crazy stuff around Baltimore

3. Pics of Hot Guys (I am a connoisseur of attractive men, you know)

4. Reviews of things like books, movies, and video games

5. Really random social commentary

6. Geekiness at its finest

7. An erotic fiction or two

8. Interviews with interesting people (if you want to be one of those people, hit me up!)

9. Did I mention pics of Hot Guys?  This is of utmost importance.

If these things aren’t enough, I’m sure there will be even more to come!  Anything could happen.  I plan to show you a good time.  It’s one of my specialties 🙂



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